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Black Seed Oil Shown to Treat HIV and AIDS

Many professional doctors all around the world are finding success in the realm of 'Black Seed Oil'. There have been indeed thousands of scientifically reviewed articles about the benefits of it. They show that it has the ability to treat even those diseases, which are impossible to treat in these modern times, such as HIV.

What is HIV?

HIV is a virus that attacks our immune system which is our body's natural defense system. Our immune system helps us to fight with several diseases and illnesses. Without a strong immune system, it is not possible for our bodies to fight off diseases.

The HIV virus destroys a type of white blood cell in immune system, known as T-helper cell. This T-helper is also known as CD4 cell in the medical field. Once the HIV virus attacks it, it makes copies of itself. The more it attacks, the more it makes copies of itself.

Eventually, it gets harder and harder for a HIV infected person to fight off the disease.

Does it happen immediately? Well, no. Experts believe this virus takes 10 to 15 years to severely damage the immune system. However, of course, its speed relies on a person's age, health, and sexual background as well.

Since the start of this epidemic, 42 million people have died. This thing shows how severe HIV diseases is and why the world is so concerned about it.


Why HIV Is So Difficult to Treat?

Yes, it is difficult to combat this disease. And, that's why, it confuses and frightens common people. Though, there are lots of reasons behind its medical complexity, but there are two reasons that always come on top.

·        It expands and multiplies using the body's immune system. The unfortunate thing is, the more our immune system fights with it, the more it multiplies. Since, it attacks the fighting cells of it. Therefore, it is always difficult to treat it fully or quickly.

·        The second reason is, unlike many other diseases, it has a very high turnover. This life threatening virus makes billions of copies of itself 'everyday'. However, if a person is on proper treatment, he can resist it easy development. He can relish a long-term good health.

HIV & Black Seed Oil

How 'Black Seed Oil' can help a HIV-affected person?

Black seed oil can aid in treating HIV in many ways. If an HIV affected person wants to keep his hopes alive, he needs to count on this natural product. There are lots of scientific reports and case studies which prove that curing HIV isn't a dream anymore. It can be treated with black seed oil, without side effects. In reality, the properties of black seed oil has come into focus of scientists recently after several successful case studies. Now, they believe that black seed oil has the ability to totally eradicate this disease.

It has been already reported that black seed oil possess many therapeutic function. But a recent study revealed that it induces sero-reversion in HIV infection. This sero-reversion assists in reversing HIV completely.

Furthermore, when HIV attacks, it turns T helper cells into suppressor cells. Surprisingly, black seed oil has been documented to increase T helper cells in the immune system, while decreasing suppressor cells at the same time. It happens with the combination of black seed oil potent anti-inflammatory, pyrexic, and analgesic effects.

Dr. Haq from the Medical Research Center, Saudi Arabia, also had an interesting study on it. He conducted a research and proved that black seed oil enhances the ratio of helper T cells.

But, the study doesn't end here. The most interesting thing is, it doesn't only enhances the ratio of T helper cells, but also reduces suppressor (affected) T cells. The ratio between both of them is 55:30. His further investigation established that, as a powerful antimicrobial agent against bacteria and viruses, it is safe to call it a natural stimulant of immunity.

Its multiple properties can play a vital role in treating AIDS due to immune deficiency. 


Case Studies

There are scores of people who have been well treated by 'Black Seed Oil'. It has been shown over and over again by numerous studies that it is an effective solution against HIV.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published a case study of 46 year old man. He treated HIV after using black seed extract. He took it 2 times per day. And, surprisingly, just on the 5th day of his treatment, the first symptom - fever - disappeared.

Within 20 days of use, multiple symptoms of AIDS were disappeared. There wasn't any sign of fever, diarrhea, or lesions.

After six months, the HIV reports were negative. There wasn't any detectable sign of HIV virus. In addition, it stayed gone. HIV didn't come back. He sustained sero-reversion up to 24 months after six month period. And, the results were still negative.

He was tested numerous times by the experts during those 24 months. But HIV signs stayed negative. In fact, the count of T-helper cells in the immune system became normal too.

It was a miraculous recovery that gained the attention of worldwide media.

Though, bear in mind that in this study the level of vitamin D3 was high in the HIV patient. According to the researchers, black seeds can't alone do the job if levels of vitamin D3 are below 30 ng/ml. Therefore, sun also plays a potent role in supporting black seed treatment.

Take 2 tsp of oil daily with 1 teaspoon of Manuka or Yemeni honey.  Also take One glass of luffah leaves with 1/2 gram of saffron seeped in very hot water for 20 minutes.  Then drink.  Alternative remedy is to take 3 capsules of luffe powder.

Concluding Thoughts

On the whole, AIDS is an immunity disturbance. But, the properties of black seed oil fights it and doesn't let your immunity system become deficient. Its long term benefits against AIDS are coming to light these days. More and more people are counting on it to treat their HIV conditions. It has already earned a legendary status among common people. Besides, remarkable case studies are compelling health sector professional to do more research on it.

However, it is experimentally confirmed that it is anti HIV agent. Its properties directly inhibit the replication of the HIV virus in immune system, without any kind of side effects.


Nigella Sativa for Weight Loss

Tired of carrying around those extra pounds? 

If you go on Google right now and start searching for ways to rid of those irksome extra pounds, you will be overwhelmed with scores of articles and tips and tricks on how to do it.

Out of hundreds and thousands of ways listed online, choosing which one is good and which one is bad for your health and fitness is a big challenge. 

The worse part about weight loss is not that it’s hard but that there are so many synthetic and over the counter pills available that one is very inclined to use. 

However these are not without side effects that are extremely adverse to your body. So to help you out, we have something incredible to share, an all-natural, guaranteed way to lose that belly fat and more! 

Drum roll please….. It’s Nigella Sativa.

As exotic that name is, it’s really one of the most commonly known ingredients that we use every day. Nigella Sativa is black cumin or black seed. 

Let’s talk about Nigella Sativa first: 

Nigella Savita is basically used in three different forms, pills, tea and oil extract. However most fitness experts and medical practitioners agree that the most potent form is the oil. So we are going to focus on it. 

Being used for past 3000 thousand years in variety of cultures and civilizations, Nigella Sativa oil is widely used in medicinal practices and helps in balancing and harmonizing our bodies. Most often it is used to help increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, blood circulation and respiration. 

It is also currently being used by many to treat high blood pressure, fevers, various allergies, asthma, intestinal fungus and many other ailments. 

The reason why Nigella Sativa oil is so effective in reducing weight is its chemical composition. It has high levels of plant fat known as phytosterols that can inhibit how much our body absorbs cholesterol. 

It also has Thymoquinone which has been found to be very powerful anti-oxidant that reduces the sugar levels in our body by increasing sugar sensitivity in our cells[1]

Another key constituent of Nigella Savita oil is the conjugated linoleic acid of CLA. CLA is well known among the scientific community for its ability to speed up our body’s metabolism to burn more fat[2]

And the buck doesn’t stop here. Nigella Savita contains seven more fatty acids like CLA like palmitic and oleic acids along with 32 other substances that help in in reducing cholesterol levels, the amount of blood glucose and assist in weight loss[3]

So how do I use it? 

Generally it is recommended that you should take 1- 3 teaspoons of Nigella Savita oil daily. But we know most of you will be thinking – how does it taste like? 

The taste of natural, pure Nigella Savita oil is very near to its source, Nigella Sativa seeds. Those that are prepared in factories come with palatable taste but retain the original peppery taste but only mildly. 

However whenever you consume the oil directly, you will find its flavor strong as it hits immediately the back of your throat. 

So without much further ado, let’s look into the ways we can use Nigella Savita oil: 

Using it with honey:

The most common method used around the world is with honey. Honey as its own benefits but its sweetness plays major role here as the peppery taste of Nigella Savita oil needs to be made palatable for you to consume it. 

So what you need to do is mix one teaspoon of honey with one or two teaspoons of the oil. Use a cup of warm water to make the solution. Stir it for one and half minutes. 

Using it with your favorite juices: 

We understand that some people don’t like honey that much. That’s fine as Nigella Savita oil can be effectively be used with different fruit juices. Whether your preference is apple, lemon, carrot or even orange juice, all you need to do is add one teaspoon of the oil in your juice and stir it thoroughly. It will have the same effects as any other method. 

I find my favorite is dark cherry or black currant.

Using with Yogurt: 

If you still don’t know how to consume this remarkable gift of nature then we have yet another way for you to consume it. Pick your favorite yogurt up and mix just one or two teaspoons of the oil into it. Mix it up until it’s fully dissolved and enjoy your favorite yogurt and Nigella Savita oil healthy benefits with each bite.   Goat yogurt is best.

Using it with coffee:

Everybody loves a good “cup of Joe” every morning.  Coffee is part of our daily routine and you can accentuate the experience of drinking it by adding few drops of Nigella Savita oil into it. This means that with every sip, you enjoy not only your favorite brand of coffee but also the weight loss benefits of Nigella Savita oil. 

Using it with Apple Cider:

This one is for the brave and boldest among us all. Apple Cider is perfect for cleansing your body and brings a lot to the table when we talk about weight loss. Combining its benefits with those of Nigella Savita oil adds double punch to your weight loss efforts. 

Here’s how you use it: Add one 1 teaspoon of apple cider with 1 teaspoon of Nigella Savita oil in a cup of water. Drink it before going to bed for maximum effect. 

Using it with salad dressing:
We all love eating salads when trying to lose weight. What you can do is use the weight loss properties with your salad. Simply add few drops to your salad dressing and enjoy your salad. This would help you reduce weight and use the Nigella Savita oil easily. 

A word of caution:

Nigella Savita oil is awesome but here’s something you should know if you are using medications like insulin or other substances to reduce our blood sugar like ginseng, Panax etc. Since Nigella Savita oil itself has potential to reduce your blood sugar, it can raises the chances of you having hypoglycemia[4]

There are various cases where those that have opted for Nigella Savita oil to lose weight have succeeded. You can also do a google search for “before and after” results and will find videos and images of people that swear by the oil and its benefits. 

And if nothing else, it still has numerous benefits that can help our body. If you are interested in using Nigella Savita oil, we recommend that you visit your healthcare professional and discuss it with them to find out more about this amazing herb and its benefits.

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